Sports Arbitrage For The Win

That's the concept of arbitrage betting. Betting on all outcomes where the worst bet still makes you a small profit.

Imagine knowing upfront that the next football game played has odds of 2.2:1 for one team and 2.2:1 for the other team by two different bookies, because they both believe that their favorite team is going to win. Imagine now that being the smart bettor that you are, you place a $50 with BOTH bookies. Enjoy the game at the sports bar or forget the game altogether and do something else. Either way, at the end of the game - YOU WON MONEY!!

Total bets placed: $100. One bookie will keep your money. The other bookie will pay out $110 to you. You win $10, regardless of the game outcome!

For a small start-up investment of a couple hundred dollars for wagers, you can find hundreds of bookie miscalculations that you are guaranteed to capitalize on !!

$10 isn't a lot of money, but the entire transaction only took a couple minutes once you found the bets to make. Imagine now that you make many of these bets and you build up your bankroll to a couple thousand dollars.  With your guaranteed wins, now you can make $500 or more per bet by placing a larger bet on each team - with zero risk of losing your money. These types of bets are hard to find, but always profitable.

A bet you can win this way is a form of arbitrage, and is the smartest bet you can ever make. The hard part is finding these types of bets, finding bookies that make mistakes or have too much faith in their favorite teams. 100 Percent Winners software is one way to finds these gems, and present them to you in real-time. Over the last year, they have found over 1,000 of these mistakes and miscalculations by professional agents !!

Don't think for a moment that you can't find these same bets without any software to help you, YOU CAN.  People do arbitrage betting all the time worldwide.  Sign up for hundreds of betting agents, compare their odds with the odds of each other agent, and find the mistakes or variable odds that you can profit from guaranteed.  Unfortunately, this is a full-time <but well paid> job.

Or, you can use the proprietary software that will find and highlight the arbitrage bets for you automatically from thousands of sources in real-time, anytime you wish. 

Members pay just $19.95 a month for real-time information. A few minutes a day to check to see what arbitrage bets exist and to place your wagers. Use some winning to increase your bankroll to earn even more, spend the rest of providing yourself the lifestyle you want.

Financial security for you and your family. Seems like a win-win.

Heads you lose, Tails I win